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NU Login Bookmarklet

Do you customarily do research from off-campus, whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile device?

Are you trying to follow an e-mail link to an article which should be available through a Northeastern library subscription--but you're blocked by a paywall?

Install our NU Login Bookmarklet in your browser, and you'll be able to log in and get right to what you're looking for, without having to backtrack to the Libraries' website!


A Bookmarklet is a tiny program that is stored in your web browser as a bookmarked URL.  The NU Login Bookmarklet is available for most browsers and devices. 

To get started, choose instructions for:

Note: You will need to have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser.

How does it work?

See a video illustration of installing and using the bookmarklet. 

The NU Library bookmarklet lets you reload a web page through the Northeastern Library's proxy, or authentication server.  If the site you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription for, and you're not on the Northeastern network (for example, if you're in your home or office, or using a cell phone network), the NU Login Bookmarklet gives you access to the resource once you've logged in with your NEU username and password and have been verified to have a valid library account.