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Subject Librarians - By Name

Subjects: Jewish Studies
a.aaron [at]
Subjects: Linguistics Program
j.bourns [at]
Steven Braun
Subjects: Data Visualization
s.braun [at]
Jamie Dendy
Subjects: Agriculture, Earth Sciences, Ecology, History, Maps, Sustainability
j.dendy [at]
Subjects: Geriatrics & Gerontology, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Public Health, Regulatory Affairs in Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices, Speech Pathology & Audiology
s.dunphy [at]
Subjects: Philosophy, Religion
br.greene [at]
Subjects: Biochemistry, Chemistry, LGBT Studies, Pharmacology, Psychology, Women's Studies
k.herrlich [at]
Lindley Homol
Subjects: Education
l.homol [at]
Subjects: Librarianship, Business, Economics, Transportation
j.jersyk [at]
Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics
a.lewontin [at]
Deb Mandel
Subjects: Media and Screen Studies, Music
d.mandel [at]
Subjects: Children's Literature
j.morrow [at]
Subjects: African American Studies, Anthropology, Human Services, Sociology
c.oka [at]
Subjects: Astronomy, Engineering, Environmental Research Across Disciplines, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Nanotechnology, Physics
j.omoruyi [at]
Regina Pagani
Subjects: Art & Design, Architecture, Foreign Languages & Literatures
r.pagani [at]
Subjects: Criminal Justice, Government, International Affairs, Law, Military/Naval Science, Political Science
r.palmatier [at]
Amanda Rust
Subjects: English & American Literature, Theatre
A.Rust [at]
Bahare Sanae-Movahed
Subjects: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping
b.sanaiemovahed [at]
Brooke Williams
Subjects: Journalism, Communications Studies
b.williams [at]