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NU Login Bookmarklet: Android Devices

These instructions are for adding the library's Login Bookmarklet to your Android device.

The bookmarklet lets you reload a web page through the Northeastern Library's proxy, or authentication system. If the library has a subscription to the site and you are not on the Northeastern network, you will be able to login with a valid NU account and get immediate access to the site.


Step 1: Copy this Text

Use the Android device's copy feature to copy the following text: 



Step 2: Bookmark This Page

Touch the Menu icon to the far right of the Address box. Go to Add and then select Add Bookmark. The Bookmark name will be NUproxy. OR Touch the Favorite icon to the right of the Address box. Tap that icon, and you see the Add Bookmark window. The name of the Bookmark will be NUproxy.

Step 3: Edit the Bookmark

You now need to change the URL to the text you copied in Step 1. Tap the URL field (it begins with "http://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied:


Save the Bookmark.

Step 4: Once You've Added the Bookmarklet to your Browser, How Do You Use It?

Clear the URL address box and start typing "NUproxy". You will see a couple of NUproxy links open in the history dropdown as you type; select the one that starts with "javascript". If you have not logged in to the library's site already, you will be redirected through the campus login page. You will then be returned to the resource with access as if you were on campus.  You may need to select the Bookmarklet for each link, but you will only have to sign in the first time in your session.

If the library does not have a subscription to the resource, you will not be able to get access through the bookmarklet.  Please contact us if you have a question about our subscriptions.