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Cambridge Journals Online Terms of Use

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Authorized Users for this resource are defined as: “Current members of the faculty and other staff… and individuals who are currently studying at (Northeastern)…together with other persons who are” physically present in the Northeastern University Libraries.”

Authorized Users may:

• Search, view, retrieve and display licensed content from the CJO site
• Electronically save individual articles or items for personal educational, research or scholarly purposes
• Print off a copy of parts of the licensed content
• Distribute a copy of individual articles or items in print or electronic form to other Authorized Users for their personal use; this does include distribution of a copy for teaching purposes to each individual student Authorized User in a class at Northeastern University
• Use Licensed materials in electronic Course Packs and for Electronic Reserve for the use of Authorized Users only in the course of instruction at Northeastern University, but not for Commercial Use. Each item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and author, copyright notice & publisher. Copies of these items will be deleted when they are no longer used for such purpose.
• Nothing in the license excludes, modifies or affects any rights granted under national copyright law.

Authorized Users may not:

• Remove or alter the authors names or the Publisher’s copyright notices or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the Licensed content
• Systematically make print copies of extracts from the Licensed materials or systematically make electronic copies other than for electronic Course packs and electronic reserves (see above).
• Mount or distribute any part of the Licensed content on any electronic network, including the Internet and the World Wide Web other than on the University’s secure network.
• Alter, abridge, adapt or modify the Licensed content except to the extent necessary to provide access to Authorized Users.
• Use any part of the Licensed content for commercial use
• Distribute any of the Licensed content to anyone other than Authorized Users except under the Interlibrary Loan allowance.
• Publish, distribute or make available the Licensed content, works based on the Licensed content or works which combine them with any other material, other than as allowed above.

February 26, 2007