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JOVE Terms of Use

Journal of Visualized Experiments

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Authorized users are defined as: Current members of the faculty, full-time and part-time students, researchers and other staff of the Northeastern University (whether on a permanent, temporary, contract or visiting basis), alumni, and individuals who are using computer terminals within the Library Premises.


Authorized Users may, in accordance with the copyright laws of the United States and subject to the prohibited uses listed below:

  • Access, search, browse and view the licensed materials.

  • Print and download a reasonable portion of the text articles in licensed materials.

  • Incorporate links to the licensed materials on the licensee'ss websites, provided that the appearance of such links and/or statements accompanying such links shall be changed as reasonably requested by the publisher.

  • Incorporate links to the licensed materials in course packs, electronic reserves and course management systems.

  • Transmit single text articles from the licensed materials to other authorized users or third-party colleagues for their educational or research use.


Authorized Users may NOT:

  • Remove or alter the authors' names or the publisher's copyright notices or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the licensed materials.

  • Systematically make print or electronic copies of multiple extracts of the licensed materials.

  • Mount or distribute any part of the licensed material on any electronic network, including without limitation on the Internet.

  • Use all or any part of the licensed materials for any commercial use.

  • Systematically distribute the whole or any part of the licensed materials to anyone other than authorized users;

  • Publish, distribute or make available the licensed materials, works based on the licensed materials or works which combine them with any other material, other than as permitted in this license.

  • Alter, abridge, adapt or modify the licensed materials, except to the extent necessary to make them perceptible on a computer screen or as otherwise permitted in this license, to authorized users. For the avoidance of doubt, no alteration of the text or video or other content is permitted.

Licensed May 2010