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Pion Terms and Conditions of Use

Authorized Users are defined as: the employees, faculty, staff, and students officially affiliated with Northeastern University's library facilities as well as authenticated alumni, and persons affiliated with remote sites or campuses of the Northeastern that are administered from the University’s site or campus (but not persons affiliated with remote sites or campuses with a separate administrative staff). Authorized Users may also include users from general public (walk-in users) who are permitted by Northeastern to access the journals from designated terminals within the University’s IP address range as registered.

Authorized Users are permitted:

a) To download and copy information from Pion electronic journals and retain it as long as they wish for personal or educational use to the same extent as the print edition of the publication.

b) To store the information electronically, provided the use is consistent with the other conditions described in this documentation.

c) Other recompiling, copying, publication, or republication of the data, or any portion thereof, in any form or medium whatsoever, may be done only with specific written permission from the Publisher.

d) To provide links to Pion online journals within course management software (e.g. Blackboard) whereby content may only be accessed by current, registered class participants.

May, 2010