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GIS Services

Bahare Sanaie-Movahed, our GIS (Geographic Information System) Specialist, leads the Library's suite of free and fee-based GIS and mapping services for members of the Northeastern University community.

View her online guide to GIS and mapping resources.


Note that some in-depth GIS services have costs that are charged back to a department, unit, or grant budget.


For students

Our GIS Specialist is available at no cost to consult with any undergraduate or graduate student working on a mapping or GIS project. Please contact her directly for an appointment. 

For faculty and staff

Our GIS Specialist is also available at no cost for initial consultation services, including questions and brainstorming, for faculty and staff working on GIS-related projects. Please contact her directly for an appointment.


In-depth, project-specific work

Our GIS Specialist can provide more intensive consultation and in-depth project work when paid for out of grants, research, or other funds. Examples include:

  • analysis of spatial and geographical data
  • data management and clean-up
  • geolocation
  • georectification
  • map creation and maintenance
  • satellite imagery and remote sensing

We are happy to work with you or your department to determine the scope, pricing, invoicing and fund transfer arrangements for these services.


Introductory workshops

Our GIS Specialist also provides regular free workshops through the library's Digital Scholarship Group, designed to introduce you to mapping technology and other aspects of geospatial analysis. She can also visit your class to give a similar brief introduction on mapping technology. These workshops are largely demonstration-based.


Hands-on classes and workshops

Our GIS Specialist can also collaborate with you to add a GIS component to your class. She can develop and teach in-depth and hands-on workshops for Northeastern University units and departments. A hands-on introduction to mapping technology might include:

  • working with the class instructor to design appropriate assignments or projects
  • finding relevant datasets or base layers
  • advising on the creation of data and appropriate formats
  • recommending appropriate geospatial or statistical analyses
  • preparing workflows for data preparation and manipulation
  • suggesting best practices for data curation and preservation

In our experience, this kind of hands-on introduction cannot be taught in a single class session. Therefore, we recommend a structure like:

  • A 1-3 day intensive workshop (generally 9am to 4pm each day)
  • A four-week series of 2-hour classes
  • A one-credit lab class attached to a full-credit disciplinary class
  • A full 3-credit class team-taught with disciplinary faculty

The Library offers in-depth GIS classes and workshops on a cost-recovery basis. We are happy to work with you or your department to determine scope, pricing, invoicing and fund transfer arrangements.

Because these customized workshops require extensive preparation, we generally require a minimum of 2 weeks' notice before the desired date of the workshop.



Please contact us if you are interested in GIS and mapping for your classes or research, and send your students and colleagues with GIS and mapping needs our way!

Bahare Sanaie-Movahed
GIS Specialist
Phone: (617) 373-6298
Online Guide: GIS and Data Visualization
Email: b.sanaiemovahed [at]