Studying in Snell

Snell Library is now open for studying without reservations. Please note the following policies for usage:

  • Seats have been spaced for optimal social distancing. Please study only at numbered seats and refrain from rearranging the furniture.
  • Students must wear masks at all times while in Snell Library, except when eating and drinking in designated areas.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed on the 4th floor and at Argo Tea.
  • Study rooms are available without a reservation. Usage is limited to one individual at a time. Exceptions include:
  • The DMC 5 on the 2nd floor may be used by up to two students at the same time.
  • Room 421 on the 4th floor may be used by up to six students at a time and is limited to graduate students only.
  • The Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) on the 2nd floor is available as study space for graduate students.
  • Please be kind to your fellow Huskies by wiping down the surfaces at the end of your visit.

Single Occupancy Room

1st Floor Colabs A-V

Single Occupancy Room

2nd Floor DMC Rooms 1-4

Single Occupancy Room

3rd & 4th Floor Individual Study Rooms

Multiple Occupancy Rooms

2nd Floor (Max Occupancy 2)

Digital Scholarship Commons

2nd Floor (Max Occupancy 22)

Graduate Student Study Space

4th Floor, Room 421 (Max Occupancy 6)

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